Instagram user generated content terms

Unlimited CPH APS, reaches out to Instagram users to ask for their permission to feature our favorite content on our Instagram/Website. You are reading this because we have requested to use your photo in this way.

If you choose to allow us to use your photo by replying with the hashtag #AirbnbPhoto, you agree to these Terms of Use.

1. You allow Unlimited CPH ApS to use your content on our website/Instagram, and we may do so forever, or until you ask us to stop using your photo. To do this you will need to contact us via Instagram or email.

2. By allowing Unlimited CPH ApS to use your content you hereby confirm: You are solely responsible for your user content. You own all rights in and to your user content or have obtained the appropriate rights and permissions from those who do. By agreeing to this, you are responsible for any issues with copyright etc if you DON'T own the rights to the photo you allow us to use.